Spring Conference 2013 Highlights

Thank you to EVERYONE who joined us in Albany on April 15 and 16, 2013 for our annual Spring Conference and Advocacy Day!  We have been hearing a lot of feedback from everyone who had seen our efforts in the Capital — from staffers to the legislators themselves to the New York State Anti-Trafficking Coalition (NYSATC) — how wonderful they thought our campaign was.


With 36 legislative appointments, 43 women attending, and 13 out of 17 Leagues represented, NYSPAC done so much to further the TVPJA along; as a direct result of our photo campaign with the legislators, 47 more Assembly members have signed on to co-sponsor the bill with more in both houses expected after our visit to Albany Tuesday.  In addition, we’ve managed to raise awareness on the issue of human trafficking with our Man-on-the-Street photo and social media campaign, as well as bridge new partnerships with the Anti-Trafficking Coalition and UNICEF-USA.


We believe wholeheartedly that this year was one of our most effective in advocacy as we met the Junior League mission of promoting voluntarism (key legislators could not believe that the scope of the achievement was done entirely by volunteers), developing the potential of women, and improving the community through our effective (and collective) action.  We managed to leverage the Junior League brand every time we went up to a person and asked them to take a photo with our “People are not for sale” sign; we had the opportunity to not only educate them about human trafficking, but also let them know WHO we were and WHY we were doing it. Senator Andrew Lanza and Assemblywoman Amy Paulin could not have been more pleased with our outcome.


An overall snapshot on the bill shows strong support in the Senate with some minor tinkering but they are open to talks with the Assembly. The Assembly leadership has some concerns with regard to raised penalties but will work with Assemblywoman Paulin’s office on these issues.  Lanza and Paulin have both made the TVPJA one of their legislative priorities and have guaranteed that movement will be made to make sure this bill “will happen”.


To see our “man-on-the-street” photos taken on April 16, please check out our Flickr page here.