About Us

Spring 2011

The New York State Public Affairs Committee of the Junior Leagues of New York (NYSPAC) is made up of 17 Junior Leagues and represents more than 7,500 women from across the State of New York. NYSPAC takes action on select state and national issues that support its projects, educates individual League memberships on issues selected for action by NYSPAC, facilitates communication among the member Junior Leagues of New York State in the area of public affairs, provides training in advocacy skills and strategies, and acts as the representative of the member Leagues at the state and national level.

NYSPAC focuses on public policy impacting women and health as well as children and families. Recent advocacy efforts have centered upon improving the lives of children in New York’s foster care system, combating human trafficking, securing healthier food and beverage options for children enrolled in New York’s public school system, improving the lives of victims of domestic violence, protecting children from sexual offenders, ensuring mental health parity under health insurance plans and supporting greater education on women’s health issues such as ovarian cancer.

Focus Areas

Women and Health

Women and Health

Children and Families



Human Trafficking