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NYSPAC Announces Support for Paid Family Leave Insurance

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NYSPAC is proud to support the Paid Family Leave Act (PFLA), which closes gaps in our state’s existing family leave policies. While New York, and the United States, has made great strides in securing worker’s rights, the country remains the only industrialized nation to fail to guarantee workers paid family leave. Existing legislation, namely the federal Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA), still has many gaps, including the fact that more than 40% of workers are ineligible for FMLA leave. In addition, since FMLA is unpaid, many of our state’s workers cannot afford to take advantage of their rights under this statue due to tough economic conditions. The notion of “work-life” and “work-family” balance is quickly becoming a fleeting possibility for our labor force, while the need has become ever more immediate.

To read NYSPAC’s full position statement regarding the PFLA, please click here: NYSPAC Position Statement_PFLI.


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